For the love of the horse.
The solution that is gentle on the neck.

The NeXaver principle

NeXaver® halters and bridles
take pressure off horses in many areas of the head. Their special construction distributes loads across multiple or extra-wide straps, redirecting tensile forces and providing comfortable slack where the horse needs it.

The fewer and narrower straps a bridle has, the stronger the compressive and tensile forces of these straps act on the horse’s head. Conventional snaffles and halters are therefore often too punctual pressure on the horse’s head. A horse may react to pain in work with tension, muscle stiffness and unwillingness to work, among other things. The comfortable feel of NeXaver® bridles encourages horses to chew in a relaxed manner. A loose neck area also promotes more looseness into the back.


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Customer testimonials

[…]Fascinated, I take a look at the good piece and realize that it is thoughtfully designed in all problematic points. […]

“Don’t you feel like you’ve been looking for headpieces for a long time, be it halters, bridles and especially a cavesson, that don’t pinch the horse’s ears. They have already tried different equipment, purchased (soft-leather, cut-out neck pieces) and feel …”

Bea Borelle, trainer
Read the full article here

[…]just great!

“I as a trainer have experienced the bridle in the daily work of various horses, and must say- just great! Helps not only with the mare who won’t let go of the bit, but also with the 4-year-old gelding who otherwise tangles his neck or the mature mare who likes to lie on her hand. I could go on like this for a long time! Short and sweet – NeXaver is just great!”

Silke Nitz, horse trainer from Thuringia

I trust NeXaver […]

“I trust NeXaver and want to train Marcellino – when he’s ready – exclusively with NeXaver products.”

Lea, sport rider

Blog Articles & Testimonials & News

Product test NeXaver® leather snaffle | guest article

A guest article by Janine Weber

The NeXaver® principle “For the love of the horse.” is similar in many ways to the equestrian SPC philosophy “Always pro horse!”. Because the well-being of the horse always comes first – and this is a common thread from the posture to the riding.

Exactly in between, however, are a lot of stations that are responsible for the basic well-being of a horse. Thus, NeXaver® with its specially developed bridles ensures comfortable wearing by significantly relieving pressure at many points of the horse’s head […] Read post

The lunging bridle from NeXaver | guest article

A guest post by Bea Borelle

Don’t you feel that you have been looking for headpieces for a long time, be it halter, snaffle and especially a cavesson, which do not press on the horse’s ears. You have already tried different equipment, purchased (soft-leather, cut-out neckpieces) and feel relieved about this issue, although you have observed that despite everything, every neckpiece slips against the ears.

Have you noticed that most cross bridles slip into the horse’s eye on the outside, unless you slam them violently tight in all straps, which is extremely uncomfortable for the horse in the neck, on the jaw branches, on the head muscles and pinches nerve pathways […] Read post


NeXaver in conversation with eventing rider Nadine Marzahl

Which riders do you recommend riding cross-country?

Nadine: Allen. I think it’s a shame when beginners commit to one discipline at the very beginning of their training, they take away a lot of opportunities. I recommend everyone a good basic training in dressage and jumping. And not to limit yourself to riding in an indoor arena or staked out arena. Riding in the countryside can be great, holistic work with the horse. The point is not to overcome as many high jumps as quickly as possible. Riding off-road, up and down small hills and over simple obstacles, strengthens muscles, balance, conditioning, agility and confidence – in both horse and rider. And then it’s a lot of fun. […] Read post

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