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pressure relieving, shock absorbing, cuddly, easy to clean and much more…

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Our Icelandic bestsellers

QUITTPAD® Saddle Pad Icelander Sport

This saddle pad is the sporty version of our pads for Icelandic horses.

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QUITTPAD® Saddle Pad Icelander Comfort

The saddle pad for optimal pressure relief and climate control under the Icelandic horse saddle.

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QUITTPAD® Saddle cloth Icelander Comfort

The Quittpad for Icelandic horses in the cut of a classic saddle blanket.

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say our customers

“My experience with the Quittpad® has been exclusively positive. Due to its breathability, the Quittpad® ensures an optimal climate under the saddle and thus prevents heat accumulation. It has a shock-absorbing effect and noticeably distributes the pressure. Therefore, it is also for particularly back-sensitive horses a boon. I can recommend the Quittpad® to everyone. For me and my horses an optimal saddle pad.”

Kathrin Spies

IPZV trainer B, API examiner and course leader as well as DKThR specialist for remedial education with the horse

“I find that a saddle must fit 100% without carpet pad. However, a QUITTPAD® offers that certain extra comfort for horse and rider. The Comfort Pad is the ideal carpet pad for sensitive backs, long rides and difficult saddle positions, among other things. The Sportpad is also excellent for the free time rider: non-slip, very good ventilation (no sweating) for lighter riders and it gives extra support to the saddle.”

Neel Gottschald

Certified saddle fitter (Master Saddlefitter), owner of PRYDI Iceland Saddles

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