Quittpad® – the material

The “heart”, the core of our products is the special Quittpad® 3D textile. It always consists of a top and bottom side, which are connected by countless pressure elastic polyester threads in different lengths. In Quittpad® products, these threads absorb and distribute the applied pressure in a carefully worked-out ratio of stability and elasticity.

Because we know that our customers have different requirements for their different applications, our Quittpad® 3D textile cores are also different. Thicker or thinner, denser or looser – there is a separate core for each requirement. Of course, this is not set in stone – or polyester. Because we always strive to make our products even better, we can also look back on several generations of our core material, depending on the product.

The open structure of each Quittpad® 3D textile allows air circulation and promotes an optimal climate without heat accumulation.

The sensitive underside

The Quittpad® Sensitive underside is particularly soft. It can absorb many times its volume of moisture and, thanks to its exceptional capillary properties, can also dissipate it immediately. In combination with the Quittpad® 3D textile, it provides extra comfort and even better moisture management.


Quittpad®s are particularly easy to clean. Simply brush it off and, if it is stubbornly dirty, spray it off with a hose, high-pressure cleaner or steam cleaner.

Saddle pads and bandaging pads may also be put in the washing machine at up to 60° C and spun at low speed. In the tumble dryer please air only cold, otherwise dry in a well-ventilated place.

Saddle girths may from our side also in the washing machine, please also to max. 60 ° C wash and do not spin to protect your machine.

When washing in the machine, please close the Velcro straps and use only detergent without optical brighteners and bleach.


The QUITTPAD®3D textile has been tested for durability, microclimatic and biomechanical properties, as well as OekoTex standard. QUITTPAD® is manufactured in Germany according to the highest quality standards.