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Quittpad & NeXaver. Well-being from head to hoof.

Comfort on the reins at every step – thanks to the NeXaver principle of our innovative bridles!

Innovative high-end bridles of the brand NeXaver. Intelligent solutions for the benefit of horse and rider!

Top quality | Comfort | Health prevention | High well-being | Sustainability

Good to know! The fewer and narrower straps a bridle has, the stronger the compressive and tensile forces of these straps act on the horse’s head.

NeXaver® bridles are therefore designed differently than conventional bridles. The specially developed and patented NeXaver principle takes the pressure off horses in many places of the head.

Their special construction distributes loads across multiple and wider straps, redirecting tensile forces and providing comfortable slack where the horse needs it.

NeXaver® Leather Lunging Bridle NeXaver® Leather Snaffle with English Caveson

The comfortable feel of NeXaver® bridles encourages horses to chew in a relaxed manner. A loose neck area promotes more looseness into the back.

NeXaver® Principle (2 tlg-straps, bridles).

NeXaver® bridles and lunging bridles with two neck straps provide relief for the horse’s occiput and sensitive neck area.
With the additional neck strap, the horse automatically receives an alternating impulse with each step instead of continuous pressure in the neck area.

The risk of blockages and inflammation in the neck area is significantly minimized. Accordingly, a positive effect is achieved on all related muscle groups on the neck, back, chest and down to the hind leg.

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