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Always Quittpad & NeXaver

Increase the well-being of your horse at premium level with our equipment!

Innovative high-end halter of the brand NeXaver. Intelligent solutions for the benefit of horse and rider!

Top quality | Comfort | Health prevention | High well-being | Sustainability

NeXaver® principle (1 tlg belt)
The distribution of pressure on a soft, wide neck strap protects the base of the neck strand, bursa, muscle insertions as well as the auricular vein and the atlas:

NeXaver Cosy for horses with sensitive ears and neck area

NeXaver Care
for horses prone to headshaking
as well as
NeXaver Acute
for horses whose neck does not tolerate a halter strap due to acute problems

NeXaver® principle (2 tlg belt)
NeXaver® halters with two neck straps are designed for daily, preventive handling of the horse. They also provide special protection:

during loading and transport
Horses that throw themselves into the halter when tying up
head shy horses that tend to climb
Horses on the lunge
Horses that are in education
Foals that are still particularly vulnerable in the neck

Our NeXaver halter range at a glance