QUITTPAD® Correction Pad

Are you interested in the Quittpad correction pad, but are not a Quittpad sales partner but a private customer?

Because it is easy for things to go wrong when using corrective saddle pads, we ask our private customers to understand that we would like to give you a brief consultation before you make your purchase.

Please call us for a consultation at the following telephone number 0212 68598581 or feel free to write us an
e-mail to support@quittpad-nexaver.de

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The Quittpad correction pad is equipped with two pockets on each side for inserts. With the inserts, the saddle can be correctly aligned in the center of gravity. The correction pad can compensate for small imbalances – but only very limited clearly mismatched saddles!

The saddle panels should rest with their entire contact surface on the large muscle of the back. If saddles with molded foam panels or hard, angular pads are only partially supported, this can be very painful for the horse. Especially when the reduced bearing surface is close to the spinous processes.

The spinous processes and about 1-2 cm to each side – depending on the muscling of the horse’s back – should remain uncovered so that the horse can move freely in the back. The Velcro fasteners of the insertion pockets should also be located in this chamber . Punctual pressure from the saddle pads also damages the Velcro fasteners of the correction pad.

The inserts are inserted into the pockets from above and closed with Velcro.

Please note that a corrective saddle pad should always be a temporary solution. In no way does it replace a saddle fitting.

  • Quittpad 3D Sport Core
  • Sensitive underside
  • Anti-slip zone
  • Saddle eyelet attachment: 3-point eyelets (KP 560), 2-point eyelets (KP 600)
  • Pressure free vertebral canal
  • Easy to clean
  • Correction pad 560: spine strap for easy chambering
  • Correction pad 600: Sensitive covered spine channel
  • The scope of delivery includes two Quittpad 3D inserts for each bag.
  • Material thickness without inserts 16 mm
  • Material thickness inserts each 8 mm

Saddle eyelet attachment


Quittpad correction pad 560

  • Length (L1) 56 cm
  • Inserts front (L2) 23 cm
  • Inserts rear (L3) 29 cm
  • Height (H1) 24 cm

Quittpad correction pad 600

  • Length (L1) 60 cm
  • Inserts front (L2) 23 cm
  • Inserts rear (L3) 29 cm
  • Height (H1) 36 cm

The pad should protrude 1.5 – 2 cm under the saddle at the front and back at the widest point.
Note: Please note our production-related tolerances of +/- 1 cm for all measurements.

Saddle pad with sensitive carpet pad
Our correction pads have an underside with sensitive cover. The fluffy material can absorb a lot of moisture and drain it to the inside of the pad. When it lies directly on the horse’s back, it provides a well-ventilated saddle position in conjunction with the 3D core.

Easy care
Quittpad saddle pads simply brush off, spray with the hose in case of stubborn soiling and occasionally put in the washing machine at 60° C. In this way, fat and sebum deposits are also washed out of the spacer tissue and it retains its elasticity.

Allow to dry in a well-ventilated place, in the tumble dryer only with program “Cold airing”. Do not spin.