The NeXaver® principle (2 tlg-straps, bridle and lunge bridles)

NeXaver® bridle and lunge bridles are always gentle on the neck. NeXaver® bridle and lunging bridles with two neck straps cause relief of the occipital bone and the sensitive neck area of the horse.

By distributing pressure on the more massive vertebrae with an effect also forward, instead of only downward, the vertebrae, muscle attachments, nerve tracts and bursa present in the neck area are protected.

The risk of blockages and inflammation in the neck area is significantly minimized. Accordingly, a positive effect is achieved on all related muscle groups on the neck, back, chest and down to the hind leg.

Due to the additional neck strap , the horse automatically receives an alternating impulse with each step instead of continuous pressure in the neck area.

Even for healthy horses, this results in a significantly higher wearing comfort with the consequence of increased well-being.