The NeXaver principle

NeXaver® halters and bridles take pressure off horses in many areas of the head. Their special construction distributes loads across multiple or extra-wide straps, redirecting tensile forces and providing comfortable slack where the horse needs it.

The fewer and narrower straps a halter or bridle has, the stronger the push and pull forces of these straps on the horse’s head. Conventional halters and bridles are therefore often too punctual pressure on the horse’s head. A horse may react to pain in work with tension, muscle stiffness, and unwillingness to work, among other things. The comfortable feel of the NeXaver® encourages horses to chew in a relaxed manner. A loose neck area also promotes more looseness into the back.

  • Relief of the occipital bone and the sensitive neck area
  • Vertebrae, muscle attachments, nerve tracts and bursa are spared
  • Risk of blockages and inflammation in the neck area is significantly minimized
  • Utility model DE 20 2017 107 013 protected and patent pending