Why are QUITTPAD saddle pads and girths (almost) always black?

Why are QUITTPAD saddle pads and girths (almost) always black?

Yes, we know: All, really all other manufacturers of saddle pads have pretty colored products, with accents from classy to pop, following the respective fashion trends or creating some themselves. And we understand that the cheerful black of our QUITTPAD® products is a little too subtle for some.

We tried to change that, honestly.

But a few oxers stand in our way: For the optimal climate-controlling properties of QUITTPADs, we need mesh fabric; we can’t use just any woven fabric. We have processed colored mesh in small runs and had to realize: The brightly colored fabric is not as durable as the black one.

Apart from the fabric quality, QUITTPAD is still a small manufacture. The minimum purchase quantities per color would force us to sell receipt pads at a significantly higher price than we do now. I’m sure you wouldn’t like that.

And anyway, what colors?

We tailor QUITTPADs for different disciplines of equestrian sports, and in each one different preferences prevail. Anyone who has ever strolled through a large horse show has probably noticed that endurance riders prefer different colors than dressage, show jumping or trail riders – not to mention western riders or friends of the baroque horse.

We tried it with stop sign red, sky blue, baby blue, lime green and a cheerful orange. Have been looking forward to just these saddle pads would be torn from the stands. Fiddlesticks. Perhaps we as East Westphalians were a little behind the trends. But that doesn’t mean that East Westphalians can’t do fashion!

We have decided.

For the time being, we are focusing on what is most important to us: pressure relief and air conditioning. We will expand that. Also, because we think that a horse under saddle would put more emphasis on a cool climate than on cool colors. But of course we keep our eyes and ears open in search of reliable materials that make QUITTPADs at least a little bit more colorful. Seen it yet? After all, we have white dressage saddle pads in addition to black.

And who knows, maybe we’ll set the next “black is the new glitter” trend….

Editor’s comment:
Meanwhile, our high-quality Quittpads are also available in many color variations. >>> Quittpad becomes more colorful

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