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Quittpad & NeXaver Reitausrüstung Isländer
Quittpad & NeXaver Reitausrüstung Isländer
Quittpad & NeXaver

Your Horse Deserves The Best.

Advancement in QuiTTpad Style

15.000+ equestrians already rely on our innovative pressure-relieving and breathable high-end Quittpads.

The Patented Quittpad Principle

Offer your horse the ultimate comfort under the saddle: Skin-friendly, form-fitting saddle pads and girths from Quittpad.

What makes Quittpad unique?



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Quittpad | NeXaver. Making Life with Horses as Enjoyable as Possible.

Customer Testimonials

I am happy to recommend the Quittpad!

For a saddle pad, it is important to me that it is anatomically shaped and breathable, dries quickly, and distributes the pressure of the carried weight very well.

[…] On my tours with the Quittpad Trail Riding Pad (Wanderreitdecke), I was able to experience these benefits, which is why I gladly recommend the Quittpad to my trail riding students.

Katrin Maerten,
Trainer B (focus on trail riding) with valid DOSB license, licensed TGT® trainer ground school, riding guide (FN), trail riding guide (FN) and riding guide (VFD)

The horse sweats significantly less under the Quittpad

The horse usually moves much more freely, preventing tension in the back area.

Especially after a longer ride, you can notice a significant temperature difference in the saddle area between the breathable “Quittpad” and a comparable conventional saddle pad.

We can definitely recommend the “Quittpad” in any case.

Eva Petersen,
Trainer B and Sport Judge A, International Sport Judge (WM)

High Breathability and Padding

For me, the special feature of the Quittpad is its high breathability and padding.

Especially for horses with saddle pressure or sensitive reaction when saddling, the Quittpad works wonders.

Nicole Kempf,
IPZV Trainer A, Vice World Champion, Multiple German Champion

Blog & Testimonials & News

My experience with the “Quittpad” from a veterinary point of view

Conventional saddle pads are made of a wide variety of materials, such as silicone, cotton, lambskin or foam, due to their desired shock-absorbing properties. However, in many cases they lead to a “heat build-up” under the saddle, e.g. in midsummer temperatures and especially under heavier loads.

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Jana Tumovec , equine osteopath and physiotherapist for humans and horses also trusts Quittpad

I myself have a fitting custom saddle for my horses. Still, I feel a difference whether I ride with Quittpad or another saddle pad. For example, my Lusitanian stallion tends to get stuck in his dorsal fascia when excited (happens to stallions 😉 ). Due to my job, of course, I quickly feel these small differences. With the dressage saddle pad from Quittpad I notice […] Read more

A pad for long trail rides

My specialty is long trail rides, often lasting several weeks. It is important to have well-padded saddle cloths that can absorb shocks and distribute the weight of the saddle, rider and luggage. Quittpad® is breathable and can remain under the saddle for many hours without developing moisture and heat build-up. On the renowned trail rides (Alpenritt and Waldmünchenritt), the Quittpad has often been able to prove its effectiveness. I also recommend the Quittpad to riders and horses that have back problems. The Quittpad compensates shocks and a harmonious riding is created.

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